From conformal field theory spectra to CMB multipoles in quantum gravity cosmology

Physical review D: Particles and fields 04/2010; 81(8). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.81.083533
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT We study the inflation process of the Universe based on the renormalizable quantum gravity formulated as a conformal field theory. We show that the power-law conformal field theory spectrum approaches that of the Harrison-Zel’dovich-Peebles–type as the amplitude of gravitational potential gradually reduces during the inflation. The non-Gaussanity parameter is preserved within an order of unity due to the diffeomorphism invariance. Sharp falloff of the angular power spectrum of cosmic microwave background at large scale is understood as a consequence of the existence of dynamical scale of the quantum gravity ΛQG(≃1017 GeV). The angular power spectra are computed and compared with the WMAP5 and ACBAR data with a quality of χ2/dof≃1.1.

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    ABSTRACT: We consider the background-free quantum gravity based on conformal gravity with the Riegert-Wess-Zumino action, which is formulated in terms of a conformal field theory. Employing the $R \times S^3$ background in practice, we construct the nilpotent BRST operator imposing diffeomorphism invariance. Physical fields and states are analyzed, which are given only by real primary scalars with a definite conformal weight. With attention to the presence of background charges, various significant properties, such as the state-operator correspondence and the norm structure, are clarified with some examples.
    Physical review D: Particles and fields 02/2012; 86(12).
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    ABSTRACT: We study four dimensional quantum gravity formulated as a certain conformal field theory at the ultraviolet fixed point, whose dynamics is described by the combined system of Riegert-Wess-Zumino and Weyl actions. Background free nature comes out as quantum diffeomorphism symmetry by quantizing the conformal factor of the metric field nonperturbatively. In this paper, Minkowski background M^4 is employed in practice. The generator of quantum diffeomorphism that forms conformal algebra is constructed. Using it, we study the composite scalar operator that becomes a good conformal field. We find that physical fields are described by such scalar fields with conformal dimension 4. Consequently, tensor fields outside the unitarity bound are excluded. Computations of quantum algebra on M^4 are carried out in the coordinate space using operator products of the fields. The nilpotent BRST operator is also constructed.
    Physical review D: Particles and fields 09/2011;
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    ABSTRACT: We continue the study of physical fields for the background free 4D quantum gravity based on the Riegert-Wess-Zumino action, developed in Phys. Rev. D {\bf 85} (2012) 024028. The background free model is formulated in terms of a certain conformal field theory on M^4 in which conformal symmetry arises as gauge symmetry, namely diffeomorphism invariance. In this paper, we construct the physical field operator corresponding to any integer power of Ricci scalar curvature in the context of the BRST quantization. We also discuss how to define the correlation function and its physical meanings.
    Physical review D: Particles and fields 03/2012; 85(12).


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