Interdependencia y regímenes cambiarios en Mercosur: un modelo macroeconómico de equilibrio general computado para su medición.

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ABSTRACT Mercosur is currently going through an intermediate integration stage in which macroeconomic interdependence acquires more importance. Then, the need arises to adopt strategic definitions with regard to the future of the process itself. The study examines macroeconomic interdependence with a macroeconomic computable general equilibrium model. This enables an estimation of the sign and extent of transmission of shocks originating either in a Mercosur country or in the rest of the world. The results of the model simulations show that interdependence has important effects. We discuss the possibility of implementing a process of cooperation as an alternative to play Nash in some key policies.

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    ABSTRACT: The purpose of this essay is to celebrate the contributions of John C. Harsanyi, John F. Nash, and Reinhard Selten to economics. The emphasis is on tracing the influence of their work on economic analysis rather than giving a detailed account of each of their contributions. The three researchers are identified with the three most important ideas in game theory: equilibrium, asymmetric information, and credibility. These three ideas have dominated not only theoretical research but also numerous other fields within economics since the 1950s. Copyright 1997 by American Economic Association.
    Journal of Economic Perspectives 01/1997; 11(3):159-74. · 4.21 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: It is often argued that the EMS is an effective disciplinary device for inflation-prone countries in Europe, since it forces the respective policy-makers to pursue more restrictive monetary policies than they would otherwise. It is not clear, however, why these countries should submit themselves to such discipline. This paper argues that, to answer this question appropriately, one must consider that EMS membership brings potentially large credibility gains policy-makers in inflation-prone countries: the reason is that not only it attaches an extra penalty to inflation (in terms of real appreciation), but makes the public aware that the policy-maker is faced with such penalty, and thus helps to overcome the inefficiency stemming from the public's mistrust of the authorities.
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    ABSTRACT: The authors propose a method for estimating the population mean of a distribution of solution values from applied general equilibrium models subject to parameter uncertainty. The method is illustrated by demonstrating that the "marginal excess burden" of the U.S. taxation system may be robustly bounded with a high confidence. Copyright 1992 by MIT Press.
    Review of Economics and Statistics 02/1992; 74(2):357-62. DOI:10.2307/2109672 · 2.66 Impact Factor


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