A Brief Journey Through the History of Gun Propulsion


ABSTRACT While the use of guns and gun-like devices extends back in history for more than a millennium the past century has been marked by significant advances in the technology of guns the projectiles they launch and the propulsion systems employed to launch these projectiles to ever-increasing velocities. This report chronicles a sampling of theoretical and experimental advances in the science of gun propulsion and its application to a wide range of practical gun propulsion concepts.

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    ABSTRACT: Der erste Teil, den Love geschrieben hat, enthält eine theoretische Lösung des hydrodynamischen Problems, das in der Ballistik wohl “das Lagrangesche Problem” genannt wird. Es handelt sich um die Frage, in welcher Weise die Masse eines Projektils bei der Berechnung der Geschwindigkeit und des Druckes im Geschütz in Rechnung gebracht werden muß. Der zweite Teil, der von Pidduck herrührt, gibt die Anwendung der Loveschen Rechnungen auf die Ballistik.
    Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences 01/1922; 222:167-226. · 6.23 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Propotion ignition in the Navy 5-inch/36 gun has been investigated in experiments which utilized treatment cartridge cases together with flash x-ray and photographic techniques. Additional data have been acquired from guns instrumented with pressurw transducers. The experiments show that ignites is accompanied by the passage of a gas pressure and a flame front through the propellant bed. Pronounced acceleration of grains ahead of the gas pressure wave suggests the presence of intragranules forces and associated wave action in the unignited propellanrt. Grain velocities of 1300 ft sec-author are produced befire ignition is comlete.
    Combustion and Flame 04/1973; 20(2):157-162. · 3.71 Impact Factor
  • Journal of The Franklin Institute-engineering and Applied Mathematics - J FRANKLIN INST-ENG APPL MATH. 01/1945; 240(5):401-411.


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