Dynamics of Urban Population Growth by Size Class of Towns and Cities in India

Demography India 01/2004; 33(1):47-60.
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    ABSTRACT: Many detailed planning problems have arisen in the context of rapid growth of population of cities, urban agglomeration (U.A) and million plus cities. This rapid growth of cities and urban agglomerations have led to concentration of population at a particular location and created imbalance in the total development. Further this concentration of population at different nodes has brought out various demographic, socio-economic problems. As a minimum requirement, planner and researchers should know the growth of urban agglomerations (UA) in the past and will grow in future. The cause and consequence of growth of population in the cities and urban agglomerations have been discussed at length by various authors viz: Bose Ashish (1978), Jain M.K (1977), Jain M.K., (1993), Mitra Ashok (1980), Prakasam, Upadhyay, (1987), Bhagat R., B., (2002, 2004). Majority of these studies deals with urban growth and growth of small towns. In this study an attempt is made to look in to the recent data collected from Census and on the basis of these data sets project future growth of urban agglomerations and cities in Andhra Pradesh.


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