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    ABSTRACT: Near-isogenic lines carrying the Lr28 gene developed in five genetic backgrounds were tested for 2 years with and without fungicide treatment. The Lr28 gene increased grain yield, 1000-grain weight and number of effective tillers per plant under heavy leaf rust infection with no negative effects on yield and bread-making quality in rust-free plots. Although a reduction in dough development time was found to be associated with Lr28, it can still be used extensively in wheat breeding programmes.
    Plant Breeding 06/2008; 123(1):35 - 38. DOI:10.1046/j.1439-0523.2003.00937.x · 1.60 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The Cobb scale and the modified Cobb (U.S.D.A.) scale were devised for estimating, by means of diagrams, the proportion of the area of a leaf or stem occupied by rust pustules. Existing diagrams illustrating these scales are inadequate in being arranged in intervals that are too large and irregular, and in not depicting a sufficient range of pustule sizes. New diagrams are presented using smaller regular intervals of rust intensity and a greater range of pustule sizes, thus providing a basis for more objective and accurate determinations.
  • Integrating marker-assisted background analysis with foreground selection for identification of superior bacterial blight resistant recombinants in Basmati rice Marker-assisted wheat breeding: present status and future possibilities. . 131-9.