Promoting healthy work hours for nurses

Kimra Reed, a travel nurse for RN Specialties, is based in Columbia City, Ind.
Nursing 01/2013; 43(1):64-5. DOI: 10.1097/01.NURSE.0000422658.39909.37
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    ABSTRACT: Although more states have regulated mandatory nurse overtime, limited research has examined the impact of these regulations on the actual time nurses work and their working conditions. The purpose of this study was to compare nurse overtime and working conditions between states with and states without regulations limiting mandatory nurse overtime. Data were collected from registered nurses working in hospitals located in states with and without mandatory nurse overtime regulations; the final sample consisted of 219 nurses. No difference was found in overtime worked between nurses who worked in states with regulations or without. Those nurses working in states with regulations cared for more patients per shift and experienced more chronic nursing shortages on their nursing units than those working in states without regulation. Continuous efforts are needed to improve the implementation of regulations to reduce nurse mandatory overtime and long work hours.
    Workplace health & safety 05/2012; 60(5):205-14. DOI:10.3928/21650799-20120426-01 · 0.56 Impact Factor