Restoring psychic containers of identity after a suicide attempt in adolescence

Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic (Impact Factor: 0.72). 12/2012; 76(4):365-92. DOI: 10.1521/bumc.2012.76.4.365
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Suicidal acts during adolescence reveal narcissistic vulnerabilities. The author's observation concerns the quality of ego boundaries, as well as their evolution. Longitudinal studies were conducted on the basis of interviews and projective tests performed within 15 days after the suicide attempt and once again the following year. The quantitative analyses of Fisher and Cleveland's Barrier/Penetration scores on the Rorschach show the evolution of identity mechanisms. The results underscore the importance of restoring psychic containers of identity.

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    Article: Mentalizing
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    ABSTRACT: Mentalizing, the process of making sense of mental states in oneself and other persons, plays a central role in psychopathology and psychotherapy. The author explicates the concept of mentalizing, highlights some factors critical to its development, and illustrates its clinical applications in the domains of trauma and depression.
    Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic 02/2003; 67(2):91-112. DOI:10.1521/bumc. · 0.72 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Adolescence, a psychical molting season in search for containment. During adolescence, physical and psychic reorganizations are very important and new markers of identity and identifications are thrown back into question. Anzieu's metaphor, the "Skin-Ego" ("Moi-Peau"), appears to us very useful to think adolescence as a molting: the skin — i.e. the metaphoric Skin-Ego — is changing. This new transformations need to be contained, so the cathexis of the boundaries is requested. The purpose of the present article is to ponder on the containments favoring the molting of the adolescence. These containments are psychic, object and societal.
    Ágora Estudos em Teoria Psicanalítica 12/2012; 15(SPE):453-467. DOI:10.1590/S1516-14982012000300007
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    ABSTRACT: Psychic processes underlying suicidal behaviours during adolescence and their evolution are explored. A longitudinal study was conducted of thirty adolescent patients hospitalised following a suicide attempt. Clinical interviews were used combined with the Rorschach Test and the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) a few days after the suicide attempt and one year later. Results initially showed common forms of psychic adjustment: melancholic identifications were linked to an excessive dependence on objects. One year later, these forms of psychic adjustment changed: for many adolescents, the melancholic identifications shifted and self-image improved. The emergence of representations of murder fantasies immediately after the suicidal behaviour allowed a possible transformation of violence into symbolisation. A case study illustrates these psychic changes.
    Journal of Child Psychotherapy 08/2013; 39(2). DOI:10.1080/0075417X.2013.806056

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