Evisceration of Small Bowel After Cauterization of an Umbilical Mass

Departments of Emergency Medicine, and.
PEDIATRICS (Impact Factor: 5.47). 11/2012; 130(6). DOI: 10.1542/peds.2012-0623
Source: PubMed


The omphalomesenteric duct (OMD), a temporary structure essential to fetal development, normally involutes completely by week 8 or 9 of gestation. On occasion, the OMD persists, the clinical presentations of which vary widely. We describe a case of a 6-week-old male with a patent OMD remnant that was initially treated as an umbilical granuloma, which then potentially allowed for prolapse of the small bowel through the umbilical ring. The patient required resection of the incarcerated bowel but had an otherwise uneventful and complete recovery.

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