Pharmacognostic Evaluation and Anthelmintic Activity of Leaf and Stem Extract of Carica papaya

Journal of Pharmacy Research 11/2012; 5(9):4763-4766.


This research was conducted to evaluate the possible antihelmintic activity of leaf and stem of Carica papaya as a potent remedy in both human and veterinary practices using Indian adult earth worm (Pheretima posthuma) as a test worm. Various concentration (5%, 2.5%, 1%) were invitro tested using different extracts like ( hydroalcoholic, chloroform) and the results were involved in terms of time for paralysis (P) and time for death (D). It showed shortest time for paralysis in 5% concentration while the time for paralysis and death will increase in 2.5% and 1% respectively as compared to standard drug Albendazole. The present study indicated that the leaf and stem of Carica papaya has a significant anthelmintic activity and can be a potent drug due to, cost benefit and easy availability.

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