The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences

Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (Impact Factor: 0.35). 08/2011; 36(3):209-213. DOI: 10.1179/030801811X13082311482537
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    Cell 10/2011; 147(3):706, 706.e1. · 31.96 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: We review and extend the work of Rosen and Casti who discuss category theory with regards to systems biology and manufacturing systems, respectively. We describe anticipatory systems, or long-range feed-forward chemical reaction chains, and compare them to open-loop manufacturing processes. We then close the loop by discussing metabolism-repair systems and describe the rationality of the self-referential equation f = f (f). This relationship is derived from some boundary conditions that, in molecular systems biology, can be stated as the cardinality of the following molecular sets must be about equal: metabolome, genome, proteome. We show that this conjecture is not likely correct so the problem of self-referential mappings for describing the boundary between living and nonliving systems remains an open question. We calculate a lower and upper bound for the number of edges in the molecular interaction network (the interactome) for two cellular organisms and for two manufacturomes for CMOS integrated circuit manufacturing. We show that the relevant mapping relations may not be Abelian, and that these problems cannot yet be resolved because the interactomes and manufacturomes are incomplete.
    Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 06/2011; 8:19. · 1.46 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Abstract:Evolution requires the genotype-phenotype distinction, a primeval epistemic cut that separates energy-degenerate, rate-independent genetic symbols from the rate-dependent dynamics of construction that they control. This symbol-matter or subject-object distinction occurs at all higher levels where symbols are related to a referent by an arbitrary code. The converse of control is measurement in which a rate-dependent dynamical state is coded into quiescent symbols. Non-integrable constraints are one necessary conditions for bridging the epistemic cut by measurement, control, and coding. Additional properties of heteropolymer constraints are necessary for biological evolution.