Regression analysis and problems of multicollinearity

Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods 01/1975; 4:277-292. DOI: 10.1080/03610927308827246

ABSTRACT Multicollinearity or linear dependence among the vectors of regressor variables in a multiple linear regression analysis can have sever effects on the estimation of parameters and on variables selection techniques. This expository paper examines the sources of multicollinearity and discusses some of its harmful affects. Several methods proposed in the literature for detecting multicollinearity and dealing with the associated problems are also presented and discussed.

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    ABSTRACT: Simultaneous-equation statistical models are an attractive method for directly analyzing interactions among components of geomorphic systems. This study demonstrates that the utility of simultaneous-equation analysis is limited for fluvial systems by inherent multicollinearity among hydrologic and morphologic variables. Although multicollinearity for observed data may not be severe, estimation procedures for simultaneous-equation models often enhance this multicollinearity to problematic levels. Diagnostic tests are applied to three models of fluvial systems to illustrate the severity of the problem. It is recommended that investigators who develop simultaneous-equation models perform appropriate diagnostic evaluations to determine the impact of multicollinearity on specific parameter estimates.
    Geographical Analysis 09/2010; 23(4):346 - 361. · 1.05 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Ridge Regression techniques have been found useful to reduce mean square errors of parameter estimates when multicollinearity is present. But the usefulness of the method rest not only upon its ability to produce good parameter estimates, with smaller mean squared error than Ordinary Least Squares, but also on having reasonable inferential procedures. The aim of this paper is to develop asymptotic confidence intervals for the model parameters based on Ridge Regression estimates and the Edgeworth expansion. Some simulation experiments are carried out to compare these confidence intervals with those obtained from the application of Ordinary Least Squares. Also, an example will be provided based on the well known data set of Hald. KeywordsAsymptotic confidence intervals–Collinearity–Edgeworth expansion–Ridge regression
    Statistical Papers 01/2011; 52(2):287-307. · 0.68 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Multicollinearity generates imprecision in the estimates of the coefficients in linear models. We propose to use the h-plot of the inverse of the correlation matrix to obtain a representation of the linear relations between the predictor variables. In the resulting plot the variance inflation factor of each variable and the partial correlation between them area roughly displayed. In order to illustrate the method it was applied in an anthropometric study of young Venezuelan swimmers.
    Revista Colombiana de Estadistica 12/2005; 28(2):207-219. · 0.11 Impact Factor