Multiseptate gallbladder: Report of a case

Department of Surgery 1, Miyazaki University School of Medicine, Kiyotake, 889-1692 Miyazaki, Japan.
Hepato-gastroenterology (Impact Factor: 0.93). 05/2008; 55(84):859-60.
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A 53-year-old Japanese female was referred to Miyazaki University hospital for the surgical treatment of gastric cancer. She had no symptoms and the presence of the complex cystic gallbladder with multiple and linear hyperechogenic septa was incidentally found by ultrasonography. Multicystic lesion of gallbladder was also observed on DIC-CT and MRCP. Neither the bile duct nor the pancreatic duct was dilated. The papilla of the Vater was of normal appearance endoscopically. Pathological study of the biopsy specimen from the type 3 tumor of the stomach showed poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. Distal partial gastrectomy and cholecystectomy were performed. The gross examination of the gallbladder confirmed the presence of multiple thin septa with honeycomb appearance. Cancer cells were not observed histologically and final diagnosis was the multiseptate gallbladder. The postoperative course was uneventful. We herein report a rare case of multiseptate gallbladder showing the findings on DIC-CT and MRCP.

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