Localization and activity of rDNA genes in tiger beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae).

Heredity (Impact Factor: 4.11). 01/1995; 74(3):624-630. DOI: 10.1038/hdy.1995.74
Source: OAI

ABSTRACT Siver staining of male meiotic nuclei of six species f the tiger beetle genus Cicindela (tribe Cicindelini), with multiple sex chromosomes, reveals the presence of active nucleolar organizing regions (NORs) in the sex vesicle. In one species, Cicindela melancholica, fluorescence in situ hybridization b(FISH) with a ribosomal probbe showed that rDNA genes are in one of the three X chromosomes and in the Y chromosome. Silver staining and FISH show that the related species Cicindela paludosa with a male XO system. has NORs located in one pair of autosomes. In Megacephala euphratica (tribe Megacephalini) these techniques indicate that NORs are located in three autosomal pairs but not in the single X chromosomes of males. In all these species the nucleolus can be seen from the onset of meiosis to the end of the diffuse stage; it disappears from diplotene to the end of meiosis and appears again during the spermatid stage. From these results it is concluded that: (i) the nucleolus does not seem to play a major role in the pairing and association of the multiple sex chromosomes during first meiotic prophase and metaphase; (ii) the occurrence of NORs in the heterosomes of species having multiple sex chromosomes is thought to be an ancestral condition for the genus Cicindela; and (iii) changes of location of NORs from heterosomes to the autosomes have occurred within species of this genus, at least in species showing extensive karyotypic repatterning.