Identifikasi Sumber dan Pola AliranEndapan Gunung Api untuk PenafsiranSistem Hidrogeologi di Daerah Cikalong Wetan danSekitarnya, Kab. Bandung, Jawa Barat

Journal of Geoaplika 01/2008; 3(1):37-46.


A specified method of
I'olcat:!c deposits mapping in this
study has been successfully
assisted the hydrogeological
mapping in Cikalong Wetan,
Bandung. The method is slightly
different compared to wellestablished
method in sedimentary
rock areas, Several major
differences are: rock observation
on hills and ridges instead only on
river beds and valleys, strike and
dip data is also supported by
measurement of sediment
structures to determine the flow
direction from eruption source,
rock distribution delineation is
smoothened by topographical map
interpretation. Volcanic aquifer
typology in this area is composed
of fractured medium of I'olcanic
breccias and lava. and porous
medium of tuf Volcanic breccias
and lava units have larger water
discharge in form of fractured
spring: while tuf unit has lower
discharge. Groundwater in a/l
aquifer typologies have westward
The flow was controlled by
volcanic deposit flow from
volcanic comple-<: of Gunung
Burangrang, Masigit. Gedogan,
Lembung, and Dana.