The Development Manager's Advisory System: A Knowledge‐Based DSS Tool for Project Assessment*

Decision Sciences (Impact Factor: 1.36). 06/2007; 24(5):953 - 976. DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-5915.1993.tb00498.x

ABSTRACT This research investigates whether the knowledge-based decision support system (KBDSS) paradigm provides the necessary supporting structure and developmental framework for product development evaluation. To address the research questions posed in this study, it is necessary to develop and implement KBDSS's at specific decision points along the product development cycle. This paper describes the design, development, and implementation of a KBDSS to support a product development manager's decision concerning full-scale development of a new product. From the systems design perspective, this paper addresses the integration and innovative use of a variety of techniques for knowledge acquisition, modeling, and processing. The approach utilized obtains the benefits of normative modeling as well as the flexibility and developmental advantages of knowledge-based systems. Since its implementation, the system has been successfully used by a development manager to support his recommendation for an ongoing project. His complete satisfaction with this system served as the impetus for the design and development of a multi-expert system which was implemented at the strategic level.

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    ABSTRACT: The objective of this paper is to summarize the past and present literature on project portfolio selection. In particular, it highlights six groups of project portfolio selection methods. Based on the literature review, the content of this paper could be used as a basis for future study in this topic.
    Management of Innovation and Technology, 2008. ICMIT 2008. 4th IEEE International Conference on; 10/2008
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    ABSTRACT: This paper reports on the development of Lifenet, a knowledge-based decision support system (KBDSS) for the risk assessment of adolescent suicide. Lifenet combines aspects of expert system and decision support technology, and applies them to the social service domain. Assessment is a core task in the social service industry, and its complex nature, combined with the growing use of paraprofessionals as caseworkers, provides several likely domain areas for KBDSS technology. Lifenet's main functions are to provide paraprofessional caseworkers support in reaching unbiased and consistent risk assessments, and to recommend a course of action on the part of the caseworker. The KBDSS was tested by social service professionals using actual cases, and in a controlled experiment with paraprofessionals. Paraprofessionals using Lifenet made more accurate assessments in less time than did paraprofessionals using manual assessment tools. This paper discusses the background, design, implementation, and validation of Lifenet, and presents ideas for future work.
    Expert Systems With Applications - ESWA. 01/1995; 9(2):165-176.
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    Human Systems Management 01/1998; 17:281-298.


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