Optimization of NQR Pulse Parameters using Feedback Control

Department of Electrical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University; 227D Electrical Engineering West, 16802, PA, USA; United States Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories, PO Box 9005, 61826, Champaign, IL, USA; 25 -30, 1999, Leipzig, July, Germany
01/2000; 55:67-73.

ABSTRACT A new method for increasing the probability of detecting nuclear resonance signals is demon-strated experimentally. It is well known that the detection of signals with a low signal to noise ratio (SNR) results in missed detections of false alarms. In situations where the noise is correlated or where limited data is averaging, it may not be possible to achieve a desired SNR through averaging alone. We present an alternative approach in which a feedback algorithm automatically adjusts pulse parameters so that the SNR and probability of correct detection are increased. Experimental results are presented for the detection of 14 N NQR signals.