Progress on Perturbative Matching Calculations for the Charm Quark Mass using the HISQ Action

Simon Fraser University, V5A 1S6, Burnaby BC, Canada; TRIUMF, V6T 2A3, Vancouver BC, Canada; University of Glasgow, G12 8QQ, Glasgow, UK; The Ohio State University, 43210, Columbus, OH, USA; University of Edinburgh, EH9 3JZ, Edinburgh, UK; University of Cambridge, CB3 0HE, Cambridge, UK; Cornell University, 14853, Ithaca, NY, USA
PoS 01/2007;

ABSTRACT The highly-improved staggered quark (HISQ) action is the most accurate discretization scheme to date for the charm quark. Here we report on the progress of perturbative matching for the quark mass using the HISQ action. The matching is done through O(α 2 s) using a combination of Monte Carlo simulations at weak coupling and diagrammatic perturbation theory. When combined with on-going simulation efforts using the HISQ action, a determination of the charm quark mass to a few percent accuracy can be achieved. Of particular interest will be a comparison with the recent sum rule determination of the charm mass due to Kühn et al. [1].



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