Wetlands of Sivasagar District of Assam as Congenial Habitat for Amphibia

Department of Zoology, Dist-Sivasagar, Simaluguri, Assam, India; Resource Management and Environment Division, Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology, Pschim Boragaon, Guwahati, Assam, India

ABSTRACT The Sivasagar district (26 0 3 / -27 0 15 / N latitude and 94 0 23 / E-95 0 23 / E longitude) has a grate number of diversified water bodies supporting a wide variety of aquatic and marshy flora. These water bodies serve as suitable natural habitat and breeding grounds for a variety of amphibian species. These wetlands are fed by the tributaries of river Brahamputra. The main tributaries traversing the district are Dekhow, Dechang and Jaji. Numerous man made tanks excavated during the Ahom reign are unique feature of the district. The Panidihing bird sanctuary is located in the northern part of district Most of the water bodies were surveyed and some of the wetlands have been identified which are active breeding grounds of most of the frogs including certain rare species of conservational importance. So some of the natural habitats can be protected for in situ conservation of amphibian fauna. A total of 25 species have been identified so far in our study during 2004-2006.

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