Allelopathic effects of Lantana camara on germination and growth behavior of some agricultural crops in Bangladesh

Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, School of Agriculture and Mineral Sciences, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), 3114, Sylhet, Bangladesh; Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences (IFES), Chittagong University, 4331, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Journal of Forestry Research 01/2007; 18:301-304. DOI: 10.1007/s11676-007-0060-6

ABSTRACT An experiment was conducted to understand the growth inhibitory effects of aqueous extracts derived from Lantana camara L. (a globally recognized invasive alien weed) on six popular agricultural crops of Bangladesh. The test was conducted in sterilized pet-ridishes with a photoperiod of 24 hours and an average temperature of 29°C. The effect of different concentrations of L. camara leaf ex-tracts were recorded and compared with control (i.e., distil water). Result showed different concentrations of aqueous leaf extracts caused significant inhibitory effect on germination, root and shoot elongation and development of lateral roots of receptor crops. Bioassays also indicated that the inhibitory effect was proportional to the concentrations of the extracts and higher concentration had the stronger inhibi-tory effect whereas the lower concentration showed stimulatory effect in some cases. The inhibitory effect was much pronounced in root and lateral root development rather than shoot and germination.


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May 20, 2014