On the Potential of CMOS Recharged Semi-Floating Gate Devices Used in Balanced Ternary Logic

ABSTRACT Most of the electronic circuits designed today use binary logic. However, will binary logic be the leading technology in the future, why not uses balanced ternary logic, imple-mented using recharged semi-floating gate (RSFG) devices, instead? This paper gives some measurements and analyzes novel applications using CMOS RSFG technology.

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    ABSTRACT: This tutorial places the developments and potential of multiple-valued signals and logic in the relevant context of binary and two-valued signals. It covers: the role of multivalued logic (MVL) in the binary world; multivalued representation; binary-related radices; multivalued functions; storage techniques in MVL; and implementation issues. An overview of applications is included.< >
    Computer 01/1988; 21:17-27. · 1.44 Impact Factor
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