k-Fuzzy Ideals of Ternary Semirings


ABSTRACT The notion of k-fuzzy ideals of semirings was intro-duced by Kim and Park in 1996. In 2003, Dutta and Kar introduced a notion of ternary semirings. This structure is a generalization of ternary rings and semirings. The main purpose of this paper is to introduce and study k-fuzzy ideals in ternary semirings analogous to k-fuzzy ideals in semirings considered by Kim and Park.

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    ABSTRACT: We introduce the notion of intuitionistic fuzzy left k-ideals of semirings and investigate their properties and connections with left k-ideals of the corresponding semirings. Next we give some important characterizations of intuitionistic fuzzy left k-ideals of different type and describe various methods of constructions of such intuitionistic fuzzy sets. Finally, we propose some natural classification of intuitionistic fuzzy left k-ideals.
    Soft Computing 01/2008; 12(9):881-890. · 1.30 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Starting with the algebraic structure of a semiring the authors previously introduced the notions of a fuzzy left (right) ideal and a fuzzy prime ideal of such a semiring. In this paper the authors introduce the concepts of a fuzzy k-ideal and a fuzzy prime k-ideal of a semiring and they prove some properties, particularly in the semiring of non-negative integers under the usual arithmetic operations.
    Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society. 01/1995; 87(1).
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    Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics 01/2004; 28:1 - 13.


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