Strategy Process Management in Multinational Companies: Status Quo, Deficits and Future Perspectives


This article analyzes the underinvestigated field of strategy process management in German multinational companies (MNCs). Whereas the emphasis of research in the field of strategic management has traditionally been laid on the investigation of the strategy content, the knowledge of the strategy process and how promising strategies can be shaped and implemented within firms still remains limited. Considering these aspects this paper provides the following: first, we draw a distinction between different stages of the strategy process and empirically investigate tools and concepts applied by 122 firms to describe the status quo of strategic management in German MNCs. Second, based on our findings, we highlight the major deficits in the current strategy processes of the surveyed firms. Third, we present some suggestions on how strategy processes should be designed in MNCs in order to have a positive impact on performance. Although our study focuses solely on German MNCs we consider the results to be helpful for firms from other national backgrounds.

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Available from: Dirk Ulrich Gilbert, Sep 30, 2015
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    ABSTRACT: The critical influence of functional strategies on business success is undisputed, as well as the impact of engineering. Surprisingly, research on functional strategies for engineering organizations is scarce. Purpose: this contribution aims to provide engineering organizations with a guideline for the development and implementation of engineering strategies. Approach: first, a literature review determines the state of research for functional strategies i.e. which functional strategies are in the focus of research. The review also aims to evaluate approaches for the development of functional strategies. Then, a market analysis gives an overview of consulting offers for strategy development. To gain insight on how engineering strategies are developed in industrial practice, seven projects which focused on strategy development were analyzed. Findings: based on the analysis of seven functional strategy development projects a reference process for the planning and implementation of an engineering strategy is presented. Originality: there is a large body of literature on business and corporate strategies. On a functional level research focuses on marketing, procurement and manufacturing strategy. Functional strategies for engineering received no attention in the literature yet.
    IEEE International Systems Conference is Engineering of Complex Systems, Ottawa, Canada; 04/2014