Compromising the Uncompromisable: A Private Property Rights Approach to Resolving the Abortion Controversy

Appalachian Law Review 07/2011; 4.


In this article we advocate a liberty and private property rights approach to the issue of abortion.

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    ABSTRACT: Doctors have been placed in an anomalous position by abortion laws which sanction the termination of a fetus while in a woman's womb, yet call it murder when a physician attempts to end the life of a fetus which has somehow survived such a procedure. This predicament, the doctors' dilemma, can be resolved by adopting a strategy which posits the right to ownership of one's own body for human beings. Such an approach will generate a consistent policy prescription, one that sanctions the right of all pregnant women to abortions, yet grants the fetus, after it becomes viable as a potentially independent person, a right to its own body. The doctors' dilemma is surmounted, then, by requiring that abortions of viable fetuses be performed in a manner that will produce a live delivery. Hence, infanticide and termination of viable fetuses are proscribed.
    Journal of Medical Ethics 10/1979; 5(3):133-8. DOI:10.1136/jme.5.3.133 · 1.51 Impact Factor
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    Human Rights Review 10/2003; 5(1):46-71. DOI:10.1007/s12142-003-1004-y
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    Article: Continuums
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    ABSTRACT: There are continuum problems in political economy. There are no objective non-debatable solutions to any of them. All answers to them are arbitrary. Responding to these challenges are, ideally, the responsibility of courts, juries, etc.
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