Measurement of the proton structure functionF2 from the 1993 HERA data

IROE Florence Italy; Univ. of Pisa Italy; Inst. of Computer Science Jagellonian Univ. Cracow; Univ. of California Santa Cruz; Herfurth GmbH Hamburg; Institute for Cosmic Ray Research University of Tokyo Tokyo Japan; Univ. of Toronto Toronto Canada; Univ. of California Davis CA; MIT Cambridge MA; Fermilab Batavia IL; Department of Energy Washington; RHBNC Univ. of London England; Cambridge UK; Centre for Subatomic Research Univ. of Alberta Canada
Zeitschrift für Physik C 08/1995; 65(3):379-398. DOI: 10.1007/BF01556128

ABSTRACT The ZEUS detector has been used to measure the proton structure functionF
2. During 1993 HERA collided 26.7 GeV electrons on 820 GeV protons. The data sample corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 0.54 pb–1, representing a twenty fold increase in statistics compared to that of 1992. Results are presented for 7Q
24 GeV2 andx values as low as 310–4. The rapid rise inF
2 asx decreases observed previously is now studied in greater detail and persists forQ
2 values up to 500 GeV2.

  • Invited talks at the ‘Workshop on DIS and Related Topics. E M Levin, A D Martin .
  • Proceedings of the Workshop ‘Physics at HERA. A Kwiatkowski, H Spiesberger, H.-J Möhring .
  • Proceedings of the study of anep facility for Europe. F Jacquet, A Blondel .