On the free convection from a horizontal plate

The University Department of Mathematics Durham England
Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Physik ZAMP (Impact Factor: 0.94). 01/1958; 9(3):276-282. DOI: 10.1007/BF02033031

ABSTRACT Die freie Konvektion an einer beheizten horizontalen Platte wird nach den blichen Methoden der Grenzschichttheorie untersucht. Weist die wrmebertragende Plattenseite nach oben, so ist das Problem auf dieser Basis unlsbar, wohl aber findet man eine widerspruchsfreie Lsung, wenn diese Plattenseite nach unten weist. In diesem ist die Nusselt Zahl, die den Wrmebergang kennzeichnet, proportional der 1/5-ten Potenz der Rayleigh Zahl, welche die Beheizung charakterisiert. Die bereinstimmung mit dem Experiment ist befriedigend.

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    ABSTRACT: In this study, steady laminar free convection boundary layer flow on a horizontal plate is investigated through analytical solutions. By transforming the governing non-dimensional boundary layer equations into an ordinary differential equation, the application of the Ho- motopy Analysis Method can be practical. So in this case, the analytical results for different Prandtl numbers and constant M values which portray the power index are achieved. The trend goes on large amounts of (M ≫ 1) and the results are compared with other efforts. Furthermore, the effects of different values of Prandtl number and M values on temperature and velocity profiles are verified
    Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 10/2012; 50(4):1001-1010. · 0.45 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: We consider the flow induced on a heated horizontal boundary. The boundary temperature varies spatially in a sinusoidal manner, which is itself sufficient to generate a flow parallel to the boundary. A harmonic modulation in time is superposed upon this such that in addition to the fluctuating flow a time-independent, or steady streaming, flow develops which provides the main focus for this investigation.
    Journal of Engineering Mathematics 01/2014; · 1.08 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Mixed convection above a horizontal disk rotating in a semi-infinite fluid is examined when the disk is heated so that its temperature varies quadratically with distance away from its centre. Steady similarity solutions are presented for a range of values of the two dimensionless parameters, a Prandtl number and a Grashof number. The results are corroborated by asymptotic analyses undertaken in the limits of small and large Prandtl number. For finite Prandtl number, the existence of multiple solutions at fixed Grashof number is revealed. The similarity structure for steady solutions fails beyond a critical Grashof number and this is interpreted in terms of a finite-time singularity of the unsteady form of the governing equations.