Decay study of 246Fm at SHIP

Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 84 511 Bratislava, Slovakia
European Physical Journal A (Impact Factor: 2.42). 47(2):1-5. DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2011-11020-9

ABSTRACT The decay chain of 246Fm has been investigated employing the SHIP separator at GSI Darmstadt. The 246Fm nuclei were produced via the 40Ar(208Pb, 2n)246Fm fusion-evaporation reaction. Improved values of the half-life, T
1/2 = 1.54(4) s, and of the spontaneous fission branching ratio, b
SF = 0.068(6) , of 246Fm were obtained. The b+ \beta^{+}_{} /electron capture branching ratio, b
EC = 0.39(3) , of 242Cf was deduced. Possible structures of high-K states in 246Fm are discussed within the framework of a model calculation based on the Woods-Saxon potential.

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    ABSTRACT: We perform an extensive investigation on the α decay of heavy deformed even-even and odd-A nuclei within the multichannel cluster model. The dynamics effects of core nuclei are taken into account in dealing with the interaction matrix and the α-cluster formation. Enough decay channels are considered for convergence in solving the coupled equations. Systematic calculations have been performed for 36 even-even nuclei and 32 odd-A nuclei. The calculated results show good agreement with the available experimental data concerning total α-decay half-lives and branching ratios, including the branching ratios for high-spin states.
    Few-Body Systems 54(7-10). · 1.05 Impact Factor