Quark model based relativistically invariant meson exchange forces for two-nucleon scattering

Institute of Physics Slovak Acad. Sci. 84228 Bratislava Slovak Republic
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics (Impact Factor: 0.57). 06/1993; 43(7):747-760. DOI: 10.1007/BF01607586


A momentum space OBEP for the two-nucleon scattering is constructed starting from a relativistically invariant quark model predictions of the meson-nucleon coupling constants. Taking a relativistic meson propagators and working in a quasipotential Blankenbecler-Sugar two-nucleon dynamics the relativistic invariance of the whole problem is maintained. The NN forces are generated by an exchange of the, , , ,(600),, , and mesons. Phenomenological form factors for all meson-nucleon vertices and effective (600) and meson-nucleon couplings are utilized. The calculated NN phase shifts are in good agreement with the empirical data and with the predictions of the conventional Bonn OBEP model.

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