Interest of the Inertial Tolerancing Method in the Case of Watch Making Micro Assembly

DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-77405-3_18 In book: Micro-Assembly Technologies and Applications, Publisher: Springer US, pp.189-197
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ABSTRACT A mechanical part to tolerance is traditionally expressed as a [Min Max] interval which allows the definition of the conformity
of the characteristic. Inertial tolerancing offers a new point of view of the conformity based on the mean square deviation
to the target. This article demonstrates the efficiency of inertial tolerancing and proposes a comparison with the traditional
tolerancing method in the case of watch making micro assembly.

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    ABSTRACT: Inertial tolerancing [1]-[3] presents is a statistical expression of a characteristic tolerance without defining the specification interval as is traditionally the case. Conformity is defined by "inertia" (Taguchi loss function [4]) around the target. Although this tolerancing method offers numerous advantages in terms of Quality/Cost ratio, it raises new problems in the customer/supplier relationship. This paper develops an acceptance sampling method design for inertial tolerancing and a sorting strategy when a lot is rejected
    International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology 04/2013; Volume 2,(Issue 10):265-271.

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