A new species of Henriettea (Melastomataceae) from the Sierra de Baoruco, the Dominican Republic

Brittonia (Impact Factor: 0.65). 01/2008; 60(3):217-227. DOI: 10.1007/s12228-008-9021-4

ABSTRACT Henriettea uniflora, which is known only from a diverse moist montane forest in the vicinity of Loma Trocha de Pey (or “Monteada Nueva”), Loma
Pie de Palo, and Loma Remigio, the easternmost peaks of the Sierra de Baoruco, is described and illustrated. It is compared
to species of the Henriettea squamulosa complex, especially H. squamulosa and H. ciliata. The species of this complex are characterized by an indumentum of ferruginous, stellate-lepidote hairs.

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    ABSTRACT: With nearly 2,000 species, all restricted to the Neotropics, Miconieae represent the largest radiation within Melastomataceae. Generic limits and relationships within the tribe have long been contested. Our molecular phylogenetic analyses of the tribe, based on sequences of nrITS and ndhF, resulted in consistent support for a clade comprising Bellucia, Loreya, Henriettea, and Henriettella, which is neither nested within nor sister to the Miconieae. Furthermore, and based upon a series of presumably synapomorphic anatomical and morphological characters, e.g. megastyloid crystals, absence of both medullary and cortical vascular bundles, plinerved leaves, axillary or cauliflorous inflorescences, we consider three additional genera, Kirkbridea, Llewelynia, and Myriaspora, to belong to this clade, a newly recognized tribe, Henrietteeae. These seven genera had formerly been assigned to the Miconieae based on their having exappendiculate anthers (except Kirkbridea) and berry fruits. Henriettella and Llewelynia are relegated to synonymy under Henriettea (25 new combinations are made under that genus: Henriettea boliviensis, H. bracteosa, H. caudata, H. duckeana, H. fissanthera, H. glabra, H. cogniauxiana, H. goudotiana, H. heteroneura, H. hondurensis, H. ininiensis, H. lawrancei, H. lundellii, H. maguirei, H. manarae, H. odorata, H. ovata, H. prancei, H. ritnosa, H. steyermarkii, H. tachirensis, H. tobagensis, H. tovarensis, H. trachyphylla, H. williamsii), and Loreya and Myriaspora are synonymized under Bellucia (with nine new combinations under that genus: Bellucia egensis, B. gracilis, B. klugii, B. nigricans, B. ovata, B. riparia, B. strigosa, B. subandina, B. wurdackiana). A description of Henrietteeae along with a key to and brief descriptions of its constituent genera are provided, in addition to necessary new combinations.
    Systematic Botany 01/2010; 35(4):783-800. · 1.29 Impact Factor


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