Modeling of explosion thermal radiation

Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics 01/2011; 84(1):179-206. DOI: 10.1007/s10891-011-0462-3


The hydrodynamic and radiation processes accompanying explosions of chemical explosives and fuel-air mixtures have been considered.
Computer modeling of the radiation from a fire ball of explosion and a flame of diffusion combustion of a hydrocarbon fuel
has been performed. The dependences of the heat flux density from the region occupied by explosion and combustion products
on its temperature and geometric characteristics have been determined. Thermal load distributions on targets of different
orientations in the vicinity of the energy release zone have been obtained. A comparison of the thermal parameters on radiation
detectors with the criteria of thermal affection of people and ignition of combustible materials has been made.

Keywordsexplosion–shock wave–fire ball–thermal radiation–irradiance of targets

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