Conformal field theories: From old to new

Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (Impact Factor: 0.7). 10/1998; 117(2):1286-1290. DOI: 10.1007/BF02557168
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT We discuss the general problem of constructing the actions of new conformal field theories from old conformal field theories.
As an example, we discuss the new spin-2 gauged sigma models that arise from the general conformal nonlinear sigma model.

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    ABSTRACT: An action for a string and a particle with two timelike dimensions is proposed and analyzed. Due to new gauge symmetries and associated constraints, the motion of each system in the background of the other is equivalent to effective motion with a single timelike dimension. The quantum constraints are consistent only in critical dimensions. For the bosonic system in flat spacetime the critical dimension is 27 or 28, with signature (25,2) or (26,2), depending on whether the particle is massive or massless respectively. For the supersymmetric case the critical dimensions are 11 or 12, with signature (9,2) or (10,2), under the same circumstances. Generalizations to multiparticles, strings and p-branes are outlined. Comment: Latex, 19 pages, misprints and references corrected
    Physical Review D 05/1997; · 4.86 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: We show that the coset construction for affine algebras ĝ ⊃ ĥ can be realized by coupling a group G WZW model to a gauge field taking values in the Lie algebra h. The partition function of the coset models is computed exactly in terms of the branching functions of ĝ⊃ĥ. Correlation functions may be expressed in terms of those of the G-valued WZW model and of the Hscc/H-valued one, also exactly soluble. The special cases include unitary, superconformal, paramefermionic and other discrete series.
    Physics Letters B 12/1988; · 6.02 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Recently, we have studied the general Virasoro construction at one loop in the background of the general nonlinear sigma model. Here, we find the action formulation of these new conformal field theories when the background sigma model is itself conformal. In this case, the new conformal field theories are described by a large class of new spin-2 gauged sigma models. As examples of the new actions, we discuss the spin-2 gauged WZW actions, which describe the conformal field theories of the generic affine-Virasoro construction, and the spin-2 gauged g/h coset constructions. We are able to identify the latter as the actions of the local Lie h-invariant conformal field theories, a large class of generically irrational conformal field theories with a local gauge symmetry.
    International Journal of Modern Physics A 02/1998; 13:4487-4512. · 1.09 Impact Factor

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