Enhanced third harmonic generation in periodic structures

Pramana (Impact Factor: 0.56). 01/1996; 47(4):317-324. DOI:10.1007/BF02848531

ABSTRACT We consider third harmonic generation in a periodic layered medium with alternate nonlinear media. We show enhanced third
harmonic generation when the fundamental frequency matches one of the mode frequencies of the distributed feedback structure.
The observed feature is explained in terms of large local field enhancement for the fundamental wave.

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    ABSTRACT: We study third harmonic generation in layered configuration when the fundamental exhibits bistable response. We consider two geometries, namely, a Fabry-Perot cavity with reflection coatings and a distributed feedback structure with alternate nonlinear layers. In both the cases for suitable choice of frequency, the power response at the fundamental frequency is bistable. We show that bistability of the fundamental leads to a multivalued character of the generated third harmonic in both the forward and backward directions. Moreover, we study frequency response in the case of the Fabry-Perot cavity and show that additional structures arise in the generated third harmonic due to frequency bistability of the fundamental. Our calculations suggest the possibility of an all optical switch at third harmonic frequency controlled by the parameters (like intensity, frequency) of the fundamental.
    Pramana 01/1998; 50(3):239-251. · 0.56 Impact Factor

V Mahalakshmi