Stimulation of Angiogenesis in Rat Ischemic Limb by Intramuscular Implantation of Mononuclear Fraction Cells from Autologous Bone Marrow

Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine (Impact Factor: 0.36). 02/2011; 150(4):530-534. DOI: 10.1007/s10517-011-1183-5


We studied angiogenic effects of two variants of indirect revascularization (transplantation of mononuclear fraction cells
from autologous bone marrow alone or in combination with laser tunneling) after modeled ischemia of the lower limbs in rats.
Doppler sonography and immunofl uorescence studies showed that intramuscular implantation of isolated fraction of autologous
bone marrow mononuclear cells in combination with laser tunneling of the muscles is most effective and can be recommended
as a method of angiogenesis stimulation in nonreconstructable distal vascular pathology of the extremities.

Key Wordsischemia of extremities–revascularization–bone marrow mononuclear fraction–laser tunneling of muscles–immunofluorescence

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