Optical and structural analysis of plasma-treated and annealed Al–Sb bilayer thin films

Ionics (Impact Factor: 1.75). 04/2009; 15(2):191-195. DOI: 10.1007/s11581-008-0251-y


Aluminum–antimony (Al–Sb) seems to be a promising semiconducting material for high-temperature application especially for
transistors and P–N junction diodes and is a highly coefficient solar material. No attempt has been made to study the bilayer
diffusion properties of Al–Sb thin film by plasma exposure. In this paper, the characterization of plasma-exposed Al–Sb bilayer
thin films is presented. Thin films were coated by thermal vapor coating technique, and after coating, the sample was annealed
and exposed with plasma. Results were obtained from optical band gap data and X-ray diffraction for treated and untreated
Al–Sb thin films, and these results were compared with annealed Al–Sb thin films.

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