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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents a rapid prototyping of realtime controllers for humanoid robotics based on standard off-the-shelf hardware and software. The proposed scheme allows control of a wide class of robotic systems in hard real-time. To take advantage of Simulink graphic programming interfaces, robotic programming environment, middleware and library are also presented based on Matlab/Simulink/RTW toolchain. Experiments are presented to show the performance on current computing hardware.
    Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO), 2012 IEEE International Conference on; 01/2012
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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents a system developed with off-the shelf components which will be used to study human-robot cooperative tasks from tele-manipulation to super-visory control. The approach enables the design to be modular and flexible, thus presenting an upgradable lab-oratory and test bed for prototyping autonomy-enhanced and supervised-control activities for Space-Analogue Mo-bile Manipulation.
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    ABSTRACT: For telerobotic systems the ultimate goal is transparency, meaning the human operator cannot distinguish between operating in a local or a distant environment. To achieve this, the human operator is coupled with the telerobotic system with all necessary senses: visual, auditory and haptic modality. For the haptic modality this implies research in the following fields: robotic hardware, both handcontroller and teleoperators, and control aspects with time delay. The latter include both supervisory and bilateral control. In this paper the current and future aspects of haptics in telerobotics are shown focusing on the control research. With the evolving technology in these research areas telerobotic systems can now be found in a variety of different application fields, e.g. microassembly, surgery or space.
    The Visual Computer 03/2007; 23(4):273-284. · 1.07 Impact Factor

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