Alleviation of salt stress by plant growth regulators and IAA producing bacteria in wheat

Acta Physiologiae Plantarum (Impact Factor: 1.52). 07/2009; 31(4):861-864.

ABSTRACT The action of phytohormone producing bacteria and plant growth regulators on germination and seedling growth of wheat under saline conditions were studied. Seed dormancy enforced by salinity (100 mM NaCl) was substantially alleviated and the germination was promoted by gibberellin, auxin, zeatin, and ethephon from 54 to 97%. The IAA producing bacterial strains Pseudomonas aureantiaca TSAU22, Pseudomonas extremorientalis TSAU6 and Pseudomonas extremorientalis TSAU20 significantly increased seedling root growth up to 25% in non-salinated conditions and up to 52% at 100 mM NaCl, compared to control plants. It is concluded that growth regulators considerably alleviated salinity-induced dormancy of wheat seeds. The facts mentioned above make it possible to recommend root colonizing bacteria that produce phytohormone to alleviate salt stress of wheat grown under conditions of soil salinity.

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    ABSTRACT: The present study aimed to investigate the effects of AMF on the growth and physio-biochemical attributes, antioxidant enzyme activities, plant growth regulators and inorganic nutrients in tomato grown under salt stress condition. Tomato plants were exposed to different concentrations of NaCl alone (0, 50 and 150 mM) and in combination with AMF (0mM+AMF, 50mM+AMF and 150mM+AMF). Spore population and colonization, growth and biomass yield, pigments, membrane stability index and malondialdehyde were negatively affected. Exposure of plants to combination of NaCl and AMF showed positive impact on the above parameters. Proline and antioxidant enzyme activity increased with increasing concentration of NaCl and further increase was observed in plants treated with NaCl in combination with AMF. Acid and alkaline phosphatase, hydrolytic enzymes and pectinase are also affected with increasing concentration of salt. However plants treated with NaCl in combination with AMF balances the above enzymatic activity. Salt stress decreases the auxin concentration in plants but application of AMF has been shown to restore the auxin content. ABA increases with salt concentration but less accumulation of ABA have been found in plants treated with AMF. Regarding the nutrient uptake, Na+ and Na;K ratio increased and P, K, Mg and Ca decreases with increasing concentration of NaCl. Enhanced accumulation of P, K, Mg, Ca and K:N ratio and less uptake of Na+ was observed in presence of AMF. The results confirm that NaCl imposes threat to the survival of tomato plants and application of AMF mitigates the negative effect to an appreciable level.
    Pakistan Journal of Botany 02/2015; 47(1):327-340. · 1.21 Impact Factor
  • Journal of Plant Interactions 02/2014; 9(1):754-762. · 0.87 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: This experiment was seed germination and seedling growth Azarshahr red cultivar onion with 3 hormones IAA, GA 3 and Kinetin. Pre-treatment on split-plot factorial based RCD with 3 replications evaluated. Treatments were: time duration pre-treatment for seed on 3 levels (6, 12 and 18 hours), different levels hormones concentration by pre-treatment in 6 levels concentration (10 -2 , 10 -4 , 10 -6 , 10 -8 , 10 -10 mol. and control) for application pre-treatment IAA, GA 3 and Kinetin used. Results showed that there are significant differences on some attitude. Pre-treatment GA 3 root growth than control increased but IAA, Kinetin caused decreasing root length. Treatment with all of hormones concentration shoot length and seedling than pre-treatment control decreased. Pre-treatment with minimum concentration hormone caused increasing germination percent than control and maximum germination percent by pre-treatment IAA achievement. Germination rate range was same by similar hormones with germination percent, germination time by seed priming decreased also. Different hormones treatment seedling dry weight decreased. Maximum seedling dry weight led to pre-treatment with 10 -12 mol. IAA. Maximum seedling dry weight achieved by 10 -10 , 10 -2 by Kinetin and GA 3 respectively. Maximum seedling length and component observed by 6 hours priming and maximum germination percent and seedling dry weight by 10 hours priming achievement. According this experiment can define that pre-treatment onion seed by hormones especially GA 3 and IAA caused germination power and relative growth rate seedling and earlier beginning production with germination time and dry matter assimilate in seedling organ for useful using from agricultural inputs in growth primary stage supplied that in the end production and growth caused. Onion seed germination and seedling growth parameters can be increased by application of plant growth regulators.


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Jun 3, 2014