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Asymptotic feedback controllability of switched control systems to the origin

Dept. of Math., Univ. of Texas Pan-American, Edinburg, TX, USA
In proceeding of: American Control Conference, 2004. Proceedings of the 2004, Volume: 6
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT Trajectories of controllable switched systems consisting of linear continuous-time time-invariant subsystems are arbitrarily closely approximated by those of a controllable time-invariant non-switched polynomial systems. Examples are obtained to show that the aforementioned switched control systems are not locally asymptotically stabilizable via continuous switching strategies. Finally, asymptotic feedback controllability of such switched control systems is established.

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    ABSTRACT: A polynomial approach to deal with stability analysis of polynomial switched systems, i.e., polynomial continuous systems with switching signals, using dissipation inequalities under arbitrary switching is presented. It is shown that the representation of the original switched problem into a continuous polynomial systems allows us to use the dissipation inequality for polynomial systems. With this method and from a theoretical point of view, we provide an alternative way to search for a common Lyapunov function for switched systems.
    Decision and Control, 2008. CDC 2008. 47th IEEE Conference on; 01/2009
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    ABSTRACT: Switched control systems deserve investigation for both theoretical and practical reasons since switching based control strategies can result in algorithms that offer significant performance improvements over traditional linear control. A fundamental requirement for the design of feedback control systems is the knowledge of structural properties of the switched system under consideration. Structural properties of a switched system are closely related to the generic counterparts such as controllability and observability. The knowledge on topological structure of switched systems consisting of continuous-time time-invariant linear subsystems can be used to clarify certain issues related to controllability as well as structural properties of such control systems. This work is mainly aimed at laying the groundwork of identifying the topological structure of the class of supervisory-based controllable switched systems consisting of continuous-time time-invariant linear subsystems.
    Industrial and Information Systems, 2007. ICIIS 2007. International Conference on; 09/2007
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    ABSTRACT: A fundamental requirement for the design of feedback control systems is the knowledge of structural properties of the plant under consideration. These properties are closely related to the generic properties such as controllability. A sufficient condition for controllability of polynomial switched systems is established here. Control design for nonlinear switched control systems is known to be a nontrivial problem. In this endeavor, an indirect approach is taken to resolve the control design problem pertaining to polynomial switched systems satisfying the aforementioned sufficient condition for controllability; it is shown that trajectories of a related controllable polynomial system can be approximated arbitrarily closely by those of the polynomial switched control system of our interest.
    01/1970: pages 239-251;

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