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Upgrade of the ESRF vacuum control system

ESRF, France
DOI: 10.1109/PAC.2005.1591293 Conference: Particle Accelerator Conference, 2005. PAC 2005. Proceedings of the
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT The whole vacuum control system of the electron storage ring (SR) of the ESRF is in operation since more than ten years now. Apart from difficulties to have appropriate support for the old system, we start facing problems of aging and obsolescence. We have been reviewing our philosophy of data acquisition and remote control in order to upgrade our systems with state of the art technology, taking into account our operational experience. We have started installing shielded “intelligent” devices inside the SR and taking advantage of the latest developments linked to new technologies, such as OPC Server (Openness, Productivity, Connectivity), Webpage instrument control and more. This paper outlines our actual work dedicated for Programmable Logical Controller (PLC) applications.

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    ABSTRACT: The reliability of large vacuum systems is largely dependent on procedures established du ring installation and, later, on vacuum i nterventions that concern the e xchange of machine parts, leak d etection o r bakeout. Nonetheless, vacuum equipment and its remote operation p lay an essential role in maintaining the reliability o f the system. Therefore, as early as the design ph ase, p articular attention should b e paid to ob taining a precise structure for this system. The vacuum controls should be treated as a sub-set of the overall machine control. 1. VACUUM CONTROL 1.1 Overall layout The successful operation o f large vacuum systems must be based on distributed intelligence; t his implies a reliable c ommunication infrastructure between ho st computers and intelligent vacuum instrumentation. The vacuum remote c ontrol should b e designed as an op en concept t hat allows upgrades and modifications of the system. It should be structured so that the user can access and modify different vacuum it ems on h is own and to integrate during commissioning o r intervention ph ases additional control parameters of bakeout or mobile pumping equipment in order to keep track of the performed interventions. The general control structure should b e split into d ifferent control l evels. The vacuum instrumentation located on the lowest l evel i s connected v ia dedicated control i nterfaces to local process computers on an intermediate level. These computers are connected to the server computers via a network, the man-machine interface being the highest level.
  • Vacuum Control and Operation”, CAS Vacuum Technology Figure 5: Web server based user interface Tennessee 2859 0-7803-8859-3/05/$20.00 c ?. .
  • Vacuum Control and Operation Figure 5: Web server based user interface. . 1999-07. CAS Vacuum Technology