A storage system for use with binary-digital computing machines

Proceedings of the IEE - Part II: Power Engineering 05/1949; DOI: 10.1049/pi-2.1949.0078
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT The requirement for digital computing machines of large storage capacity has led to the development of a storage system in which the digits are represented by a charge pattern on the screen of a cathode-ray tube. Initial tests have been confined to commercial tubes. Short-term memory of the order of 0.2 sec is provided by the insulating properties of the screen material. Long-term memory is obtained by regenerating the charge pattern at a frequency greater than 5 c/s. The regeneration makes accurate stabilization of the position of the charge pattern on the c. r. tube unnecessary. The properties required of a storage system, and its operation as part of a machine, are stated. If such a machine were operated in the series mode, an instruction would be set up and obeyed in 600 ¿sec.

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    ABSTRACT: One difficulty encountered in the operation of the Williams type electrostatic memory is the critical nature of the storage tube beam current. Ordinarily, frequent adjustment is required to maintain this parameter within the reliable operating region. By the use of a simple circuit the adjustment may be made automatically resulting in increased reliability and ease of operation.
    12/1953; DOI:10.1109/IREPGELC.1953.5407688
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    ABSTRACT: The memory of a number of electronic computers is based on the storage of discrete charges on the inner face of a cathode ray tube. The effect of variations in the resistor network determining the location of these charges is investigated in this paper. It is shown that substantial advantages can be derived from a raster with nonuniform spacing, such a raster having somewhat the appearance of the stripes of a Scotch Plaid.
    Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers 11/1951; 70(2):1480-1484. DOI:10.1109/T-AIEE.1951.5060587

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