A Fast Algorithm for Reliability Evaluation

Electronics & Communication Engineering Dept./Regional Engineering College/Kurukshetra, INDIA
IEEE Transactions on Reliability (Impact Factor: 2.29). 05/1975; DOI: 10.1109/TR.1975.5215343
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT An algorithm is developed to obtain a simplified reliability expression for a general network. All the success paths of the network are determined; then they are modified to be mutually disjoint. The reliability expression follows directly from the disjoint paths. The algorithm is easy and computationally economical. The reliability expression involves fewer terms and arithmetic operations than any of the existing methods. This is an advantage, considering the size of the system a reliability engineer normally handles and the frequency with which the expression is used for reliability studies.

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    ABSTRACT: Large scale systems, the facilities for the production of power, gas and chemical, have the complex structures. Most systems require the high reliability for the improvement of process efficiency, but it is difficult to analyze the reliability of processes with complex structures. In this study, we investigated reliability path of chemical process with k-out-of-n system by reliability block diagram(RBD) and calculated the reliability of process through the failure enumeration method of reliability path. This method should help in analyzing the reliability of k-out-of-n system.
    Journal of the Korean Institute of Gas. 01/2013; 17(1).
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    ABSTRACT: Recently, systems such as aircraft, trains and ships have become larger more complex. Therefore, the reliability calculation of these systems is more difficult. This paper presents a reliability calculation algorithm for a complex system with a solution that is difficult to analyze. When the system has a very complex structure, it is very difficult to find an analytical solution. In this case, we can assess system reliability using the failure enumeration method of the reliability path. In this research, we represent the reliability block diagram by an adjacent matrix and define the reliability path. We can find any system status by the failure enumeration of the reliability path, and thus we can calculate any kind of system reliability through this process. This result can be applied to RCM (Reliability-Centered Maintenance) and reliability information-management systems, in which the system reliability is composed of the reliabilities of individual parts.
    Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers A 01/2011; 35(6).
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    ABSTRACT: The maintenance of an urban transit vehicle accounts for 60-70% of total costs over its entire life cycle, so it is critical to reduce maintenance costs and extend the life times of urban transit EMUs (electric multiple units) through research. For these researches, the reliability and availability data management system was constructed through the case study of several industries in the domestic and international in the field of reliability centered maintenance system. And we created a system to manage reliability and availability data for use in urban-EMU maintenance. In this work, we identified the major functions needed to successfully develop the system. Here we report the successful development of a reliability and availability data management system for maintenance of urban transit vehicles.
    Journal of the Korean society for railway. 01/2013; 16(3).