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A human health monitoring system of systems in bed

WPI Immunology Frontier Res. Center, Osaka Univ., Suita
DOI: 10.1109/SYSOSE.2008.4724147 Conference: System of Systems Engineering, 2008. SoSE '08. IEEE International Conference on
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT This paper describes a human health monitoring system by an air pressure sensor and an ultrasonic sensor system. The ultrasonic sensor system can obtain the state of a patient in bed by placing it under a bed frame. That is, we can determine whether or not a patient in the bed. The air pressure sensor system can detect heart beats by placing it to the mattress on the bed. By using two sensors complementary, we can detect the behavior before getting out of bed aided by fuzzy inference technique. The system of the two sensors can complementary detects the state, heart beat, a behavior before getting out of bed. Thus, the system of the two sensor systems can noninvasively and unconsciously provide human health information with high accuracy aided by fuzzy logic.

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    Dataset: RWHMS
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    ABSTRACT: Mobile phone technology has advanced in recent year. Many innovative applications with mobile phones were implemented apart from the conventional voice data transfer. Short message service (SMS) originally developed for sending status information by the service providers have found numerous applications recently including business transactions. In this project, a prototype of a wireless health monitoring system capable of sending SMS related to the health status of the patient is developed. The project can be divided in to three stages of data acquisition, data processing and communication stages. A data acquisition stage consists of sensors to monitor the temperature and pulse rate. The sensor outputs are converted to digital form and read by a Basic Stamp microcontroller which does some processing and is sent through the serial port to the Visual BasicTM data processing software. Various GUI forms like patient information are developed in Visual Basic to assist in data processing. Critical values of the measured data can be set; exceeding which the Visual Basic will initiate the communication unit to send SMS to the predefined mobile numbers. When anomalies are detected or a threshold is reached, the monitoring system automatically transmits the information to the doctor's hand phone on the mobile network as a SMS message via a GSM device / SMS gateway and at the same time the system will update the hospital database periodically. For each stages of the project various design options were considered and the best one is chosen. The project was successful as a prototype to send SMS regarding the patient info to the doctors. Since only a prototype was intended in this project, sensors accuracy and other data acquisition features were compromised by choosing or simulating the available sensor rather than using biomedical sensors due to cost and availability factors.
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    ABSTRACT: This paper describes a home care system for elderly by four detached multi-sensor network. The sensor network detects several bio-signals in bed. It consists of the following four sensors. An ultrasonic sensor detects human motion. An optical fiber sensor detects respiration. A mat-type sensor detects heart rate and respiration, and heart rate accesses autonomous nerve system. A microphone detects cough with phlegm to suction. The ultrasonic sensor attaches to bed frame, the mat sensor set under the bottom of the mattress in bed, the optical fiber is in mattress, and the microphone set in bed side. The sensor network can detect essential bio-signals such as heart rate, respiration, cough with phlegm to suction and body movement with high accuracy.