Conference Proceeding

Preliminary validation of an implantable bi-directional neural interface for chronic, in vivo investigation of brain networks

International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering 06/2011; DOI:10.1109/NER.2011.5910517 In proceeding of: Neural Engineering (NER), 2011 5th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT This paper describes the preliminary technology validation of a bi-directional neural interface in an awake large animal model (ovine). The device addresses the major requirements of a chronic research system, including operation within the implantable environment and electrical stimulation with concurrent bioelectric sensing. Preliminary chronic measurements of network dynamics demonstrate that a chronically stable bi-directional interface to the nervous system is achievable. This was shown through chronic impedance and evoked potential measurements in the thalamo-cortical circuit of Papez. Characterization of bioelectric sensing in the presence of stimulation was also performed through measurements of the noise floor in the presence and absence of stimulation. Further technology validation was performed by using the prototype to correlate activity within and between structures in the circuit of Papez in the presence and absence of stimulation.

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