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Service availability analysis of GMPLS network

DOI: 10.1109/NETWKS.2010.5624937 Conference: Telecommunications Network Strategy and Planning Symposium (NETWORKS), 2010 14th International
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT The paper deals with the need of high availability of services in the GMPLS-based optical network. The influence of control plane reliability on transport plane services is studied. Several models of control plane implementation with different levels of reliability are mentioned. The impact of applying these models on the availability of services over long-term operation is examined using simulation methods. The results show quantitative differences of service availabilities after using different models. The presented results help designers to choose an implementation model and balance the reliability of GMPLS networks with the cost of their implementation.

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    ABSTRACT: The paper is concerned with signaling related to failure detection and notification in a GMPLS-based control plane. Limitations of the current methods are discussed and some improvements are proposed. The notification delay issue is investigated by using simulation methods. The simulation results confirm validity of the proposed enhancements.
    GMPLS Performance: Control Plane Resilience, 2007 Workshop on; 07/2007
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    ABSTRACT: The ASON/GMPLS is considered as the next generation Internet backbone technology. Since the recovery mechanisms are developed to provide high reliability, the reliability of the control plane must be also considered. Therefore, different models of the control plane are discussed. These models offer different level of reliability. The implementation of the model with signaling redundancy is proposed. The availability analysis of newly proposed model is performed. The results confirms high availability of the control plane and thereby the improved availability of overall transmission system.
    Human System Interactions, 2009. HSI '09. 2nd Conference on; 06/2009
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    ABSTRACT: GMPLS is typically viewed as an attractive control plane for optical networks. Motivated by a desire to investigate the impact of control plane faults on the data plane, the impact of losing messages from the key GMPLS protocols, OSPF-TE and RSVP-TE, is studied in this paper. A number of configurations of both protocols are compared in a range of scenarios, with the impact of control message loss assessed by evaluating the efficacy of the control plane in establishing and maintaining data plane connections and the overhead incurred in doing so.
    Journal of Lightwave Technology 08/2008; 26(14):2029-2036. DOI:10.1109/JLT.2008.920137 · 2.86 Impact Factor