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77 GHz automotive digital beamforming radar with SiGe chipset

RF & Microwave Eng. Lab., Univ. of Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Conference: German Microwave Conference, 2010
Source: IEEE Xplore


In this paper, we describe the design and layout of an automotive radar sensor demonstrator for 77 GHz with a SiGe chipset and a fully parallel receiver architecture which is capable of digital beamforming and superresolution direction of arrival estimation methods in azimuth. Additionally, we show measurement results of this radar sensor mounted on a test vehicle.

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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we describe the design and layout of planar patch antenna arrays for automotive radar applications at 77 GHz. Based on the low loss thermoplastic polymer substrate material ER182, single layer arrays with high directivity and efficiency of up to 78% are fabricated. Hybrid series/corporate feed networks are designed and beamforming capabilities in the E-plane as well as in the H-plane are evaluated.
    Microwave Conference Proceedings (APMC), 2010 Asia-Pacific; 01/2010
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    ABSTRACT: A dielectric lens antenna feeding with microstrip patch antennas for long range radar application is presented. Using the microstrip patch antenna to feed the lens antenna is easy to implement due to its simple and compact size. Besides, the lens antenna can be easily achieved high gain and low side lobes. To achieve broader field of view for the radar application, two feeding microstrip patch antennas are utilized, and each of which has 10 degree of half-power beamwidth covering field of view of 20 degree. The measurement peak gain, half-power beamwidth, and side-lobe level are 20.2 dBi, 9 degree, and -16 dB, respectively. The measurement results show the input impedance of the proposed lens antenna is well matched to 50 Ω. All the measurement and simulated results are in good agreement.
    Microwave Conference Proceedings (APMC), 2012 Asia-Pacific; 01/2012
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    ABSTRACT: A 22-29 GHz UWB pulse transmitter in 90 nm bulk CMOS is presented. The transmitter is based on mixing of a continuous running LC-tank 26 GHz signal with a pseudo Gaussian base-band pulse. To maximize pulse peak to peak voltage a single balanced Gilbert cell mixer is loaded with a lumped balun. The measured results show a pulse with a -10 dB bandwidth of 5 GHz and a Vp-p of 219 mV within the 22-29 GHz band.
    NORCHIP, 2012; 01/2012