Outage Probability of SC Receiver over Exponentially Correlated K Fading Channels

Dept. of Electron. & Commun. Eng., Indian Inst. of Technol. Guwahati, Guwahati, India
IEEE Communications Letters (Impact Factor: 1.46). 03/2010; 14(2):118 - 120. DOI: 10.1109/LCOMM.2010.02.091749
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT A mathematical expression for the outage probability of a selection combining diversity receiver with an arbitrary number of input branches is presented for exponentially correlated K fading channels. Numerical and simulation results are plotted and the effect of correlation, number of diversity branches and fading parameter on the outage performance of the receiver is studied. Results suggest that a correlation coefficient less than 0.5 may be used in practice.

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    • "In [11], a multivariate ΓΓ distribution is considered under the assumption of exponentially correlated large-scale and independent small-scale fluctuations. A similar study in [12] considers exponentially correlated fading envelopes using a multivariate K distribution. Exponential correlation is not usually valid in most FSO receiver configurations, however. "
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    ABSTRACT: The Gamma-Gamma (ΓΓ) distribution is popularly accepted for modeling the received intensity fluctuations in the near-ground free-space optical (FSO) communication. We consider in this letter the case of dual space diversity FSO systems when the fading coefficients corresponding to the two sub-channels are correlated. In order to evaluate the receiver performance analytically, we propose to approximate the sum of correlated ΓΓ random variables by an α-µ distribution. We show that there is a good match between the performance obtained by simulated data based on the ΓΓ channel model and that obtained from analytical calculation based on the approximate α-µ model.
    IEEE Wireless Communication Letters 12/2012; 1(6). DOI:10.1109/WCL.2012.091312.120469
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    ABSTRACT: Outage probability of a selection combiner (SC) receiver is analyzed over exponentially correlated composite Weibull-gamma fading channels. An expression for the joint probability density function (PDF) of multivariate, exponentially correlated Weibull-gamma distributed random variable is obtained. Using this joint PDF, we derive an expression for the outage probability of a SC receiver with arbitrary number of input branches. Obtained expressions are numerically evaluated and the effect of fading parameters, correlation coefficient and diversity order on the outage are studied.
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    ABSTRACT: In this study, the multivariate gamma-gamma (G-G) distribution with exponential correlation is introduced and studied. Rapidly convergent infinite series representations are derived for the joint G-G probability density, cumulative distribution and moment generating functions. Based on these formulas, the performance of radio frequency wireless systems with diversity reception in the presence of composite multipath and shadow fading is analysed. Furthermore, the performance of single-input-multiple-output free space optical communication systems impaired by atmospheric turbulence is investigated. The correctness of the proposed analysis is demonstrated through various numerically evaluated results compared with equivalent computer simulation ones.
    IET Microwaves Antennas & Propagation 03/2011; 5(3-5):364 - 371. DOI:10.1049/iet-map.2010.0188 · 0.97 Impact Factor
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