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Algorithms for Generating Ontology Based Visualization from Semantic Search Results

DOI: 10.1109/DEXA.2009.19 Conference: Database and Expert Systems Application, 2009. DEXA '09. 20th International Workshop on
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT This paper presents algorithmic approaches for the transformation of list based search results from a semantic search engines (i.e. SemSearch) into a visual representation. We present the results and methodology of our preliminary implementation of the semantic search visualization engine (ViSS). ViSS, takes as input the semantic structure of semantic search results and reproduces them into a summarized, conclusive and meaningful graphical representation. Depending on the semantic search results our algorithms select the best visual representations.The current version of ViSS supports visual formats of directed graphs, charts and tables.

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    ABSTRACT: Visualization has proven to be an effective strategy for supporting users in coping with complexity in knowledge- and information-rich scenarios. Up to now, however, information visualization and knowledge visualization have been distinct research areas, which have been developed independently of each other. This book aims toward bringing both approaches together and looking for synergies, which may be used for fostering learning, instruction, and problem solving. This introductory article seeks to provide a conceptual framework and a preview of the contributions of this volume. The most important concepts referred to in this book are defined and a conceptual rationale is provided as to why visualization may be effective in fostering, processing and managing knowledge and information. The basic ideas underlying knowledge visualization and information visualization are outlined. The preview of each approach addresses its basic concept, as well as how it fits into the conceptual rationale of the book. The contributions are structured according to whether they belong to one of the following basic categories: “Background”, “Knowledge Visualization”, “Information Visualization”, and “Synergies”.
    Knowledge and Information Visualization, Searching for Synergies [outcome of a workshop held in Tübingen, Germany, May 2004].; 01/2005
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    ABSTRACT: Effective access to and navigation in information stored in deep Web ontological repositories or relational databases has yet to be realized due to issues with usability of user interfaces and the overall scope and complexity of information as well as the nature of exploratory user tasks. We propose the integration and adaptation of novel navigation and visualization approaches to faceted browsing such as visual depiction of facets and restrictions, visual navigation in (clusters of) search results and graph like exploration of individual search results' properties.
    Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on World Wide Web, WWW 2008, Beijing, China, April 21-25, 2008; 01/2008