Magnetic tunnel junction design margin exploration for self-reference sensing scheme

Journal of Applied Physics (Impact Factor: 2.18). 04/2012; 111(7):7C726-7C7263. DOI: 10.1063/1.3679647
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This work investigates the magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) design requirements for the application of nondestructive self-reference sensing scheme, a novel sensing scheme featuring high tolerance of process variations, fast sensing speed, and no impact on device reliability. Unlike the conventional sensing scheme that requires a large TMR ratio and the uniform antiparallel and parallel resistances for MTJs, the nondestructive self-reference sensing scheme is more sensitive to the roll-off slope of MTJ's R-I or R-V curve. Our purpose is to provide a guidance to facilitate MTJ design used in the nondestructive self-reference scheme. In this work, we comprehensively investigate and analyze the design matrix by considering MTJ device physical properties, such as bias voltage dependent conductance, spin torque, etc. The manuscript suggests the approaches to optimize MTJ design for better trade-off between device properties and circuit design.

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    ABSTRACT: Magnetic anisotropy of perpendicularly magnetized CoFeB|MgO films is spatially tailored using depth controlled Ar ion etching with patterned etching masks. Nanowires with patterned etching have significantly reduced coercivity compared to those without the etching. We show that the sign of the anisotropy can be locally changed by partially etching the MgO layer, and as a consequence, 90° domain walls can be created at the boundary of etched/non-etched region. Direct current application to the nanowire can result in moving such 90° domain walls, which can prove as an efficient mean to inject domain walls into perpendicularly magnetized nanowires.
    Applied Physics Letters 05/2012; 100(19). DOI:10.1063/1.4711016 · 3.30 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: We investigate the dependence of the switching current density on the exchange stiffness constant in the spin transfer torque magnetic tunneling junction structure with micromagnetic simulations. Since the widely accepted analytic expression of the switching current density is based on the macro-spin model, there is no dependence of the exchange stiffness constant. When the switching is occurred, however, the spin configuration forms C-, S-type, or complicated domain structures. Since the spin configuration is determined by the shape anisotropy and the exchange stiffness constant, the switching current density is very sensitive on their variations. It implies that there are more rooms for the optimization of the switching current density with by controlling the exchange stiffness constant, which is determined by composition and the detail fabrication processes.
    Applied Physics Express 06/2012; 5(10). DOI:10.1143/APEX.5.103001 · 2.37 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The spin-torque switching of metallic nanopillar spin valves showing strong perpendicular anisotropy are studied. The magnetic states of the layers depend on extrinsic parameters such as the magnetic field and the dc current applied to the device. A state diagram presents a comprehensive graph of the role of those parameters on the spin-valve magnetic response. After explaining how state diagrams can be built and the different possible representation, experimental state diagrams are studied for perpendicular devices and the influence of lateral size, temperature, and field orientation are shown. An analytical model of a purely uniaxial system is presented. It is shown that this simple model does not properly reflect the experimental results, whereas if the symmetry is broken a qualitative agreement is obtained. Finally, the possible origins of the symmetry break are discussed in light of an analytical model and numerical simulations.
    Physical Review B 07/2012; 86(1):014419. DOI:10.1103/PhysRevB.86.014419 · 3.74 Impact Factor
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