Measurement of the tensor analyzing power Ayy in inclusive breakup of 9 GeV/c deuterons on carbon at large transverse momenta of protons

JINR, 141980 Dubna, Russia; Nagoya University, 464-01 Nagoya, Japan; INPNE, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria; Miyazaki University, 889-21 Miyazaki, Japan; Moscow State University, 117234 Moscow, Russia
Physics Letters B 01/1998; DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(98)00733-3

ABSTRACT The tensor analyzing power Ayy in inclusive breakup of 9 GeV/c deuterons on carbon has been measured at the detected proton angle of 85 mr. The analyzing power remains positive at the highest measured momentum of the proton in definite contradiction with the predictions of the existing models. The vector analyzing power Ay has been obtained simultaneously with Ayy.

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    ABSTRACT: A wide range of problems associated with investigating the structure and dynamics of relativistic deuterons in (d,p) processes on protons and atomic nuclei are considered. Experimental data include the proton momentum distributions and tensor analyzing power of these reactions on various nuclei and at various energies measured in beams of unpolarized and polarized deuterons at the JINR synchrophasotron. The experimental results are interpreted with an emphasis on using the light-front dynamics, which is well-suited for analyzing the data in terms of the wave function. The application of this approach for analyzing the A(d,p)X reaction is shown to be convenient for obtaining new important information on the deuteron structure at small distances and describing adequately its behavior at relativistic energies. The difficulties arising in this approach are also indicated. The suggestions for setting up new experiments in the designed polarized deuterons beam at Nuclotron are made.
    Physics of Particles and Nuclei 07/2006; 37(4):535-586. · 0.67 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: In recent years, the deuteron structure at short distances has often been treated from the point of view of nonnucleonic degrees of freedom. In this study, measurements of T-odd polarization observables by using a tensorially polarized deuteron beam and a polarized proton target or a proton polarimeter are proposed as a means for seeking quark configurations inside the deuteron.
    Physics of Atomic Nuclei 01/2000; 63(12):2103-2110. · 0.54 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The investigation of the spin structure of d, 3H, and 3He has been performed at the RIKEN acceleration research facility and VBLHE. Vector A y and tensor A yy , A xx , A xz analyzing powers for $ \vec d $ \vec d d → 3Hen and $ \vec d $ \vec d d → 3Hp are presented at 270 MeV. Themirror channels (3Hen and 3Hp) are comparedto each other in order to find possible manifestation of charge-symmetry breaking. The preliminary results on the polarization observables for $ \vec d $ \vec d d → 3Hp at 200MeV are also presented. The obtained data are compared with one-nucleon-exchange calculations.As a byproduct, $ \vec d $ \vec d d → pX and $ \vec d $ \vec d 12C → pX breakup reactions are investigated at 140, 200, and 270MeV. The experimental data on $ \vec d $ \vec d p elastic scattering were obtained at 270, 880, and 2000 MeV at the Nuclotron. The polarization of the deuteron beam was measured at 270 MeV at the internal target station. The preliminary data on the vector A y and tensor A yy , A xx analyzing powers for the $ \vec d $ \vec d p elastic scattering at 880 MeV are presented. The calculations on A y , A yy , and A xx analyzing powers for the $ \vec d $ \vec d p elastic scattering at 880 MeV were performed in the framework of the multiple-scattering model.
    Physics of Atomic Nuclei 08/2008; 71(9):1495-1501. · 0.54 Impact Factor