Selection rules for beta and gamma particle transitions in strongly deformed nuclei

Institute “Rudjer Boškovič” and University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Nuclear Physics (Impact Factor: 1.71). 08/1957; DOI: 10.1016/0029-5582(87)90066-6

ABSTRACT In the present paper we give a complete list of selection rules for beta and gamma particle transitions in strongly deformed nuclei. For the beta decay the list covers all transitions up to the second forbidden ones, while for the gamma decay the selection rules are given for the electric and magnetic dipole, quadrupole, and octupole transitions. This list represents a slight correction and enlargement of the selection rules already given in ref. 5). References to the papers making use of the selection rules in classifying nuclear states and explaining relative beta and gamma intensities are given at the end of the article.

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    ABSTRACT: Consideration of the expected two-quasiparticle structures and their estimated band head energies, and the selection rules for beta transition rates for the154Nd →154Pm →154Sm decays are used to deduce the configurations for the isomers and the low-spin structures in the neutron rich doubly odd nucleus 61 154 Pm93. The 2.68 m high spin isomer and the 1.73 m low spin isomer are respectively assigned the spin-parity 4+ and 1+ with the configuration {p:5/2− [532↑] +n:3/2− [521↑]} with the 2.68 m isomer lying lower in energy, and thus forming the154Pm ground state. Two-quasiparticle character of the beta-connected states in154Nd decay and154Pm decay is discussed.
    Pramana 09/1990; 35(3):329-340. · 0.56 Impact Factor