Generalized conforming plate bending elements using point and line compatibility conditions

Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, People's Republic of China
Computers & Structures (Impact Factor: 2.18). 02/1995; DOI: 10.1016/0045-7949(94)00362-7

ABSTRACT Based on the modified potential energy functional and the point and line compatibility conditions, two generalized conforming elements (triangular with 9 DOFs and rectangular with 12 DOFs) for thin plate bending are developed. The proposed elements are reliable, easy to formulate and exhibit excellent performance.

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    ABSTRACT: The authors present a procedure for obtaining an improved finite element solution of boundary problems by estimating the principle of exact displacement method in the finite element technique. The displacement field is approximated by two types of functions: the shape functions satisfying the homogeneous differential equilibrium equation and the full clamping element functions as a particular solution of the differential equation between the nodes. The full clamping functions represent the solution of the full clamping state on finite elements. An improved numerical solution of displacements, strains, stresses and internal forces, not only at nodes but over the whole finite element, is obtained without an increase of the global basis, because the shape functions are orthogonal with the full clamping functions. This principle is generally applicable to different finite elements. The contribution of introducing two types of functions based on the principle of the exact displacement method is demonstrated in the solution procedure of frame structures and thin plates.
    Engineering Computations 01/2001; · 1.21 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: A new simple 3-node triangular flat-shell element with standard nodal DOF (6 DOF per node) is proposed for the linear and geometrically nonlinear analysis of very thin to thick plate and shell structures. The formulation of element GT9 (Long and Xu 1994), a generalized conforming membrane element with rigid rotational freedoms, is employed as the membrane component of the new shell element. Both one-point reduced integration scheme and a corresponding stabilization matrix are adopted for avoiding membrane locking and hourglass phenomenon. The bending component of the new element comes from a new generalized conforming Kirchhoff-Mindlin plate element TSL-T9, which is derived in this paper based on semiLoof constrains and rational shear interpolation. Thus the convergence can be guaranteed and no shear locking will happen. Furthermore, a simple hybrid procedure is suggested to improve the stress solutions, and the Updated Lagrangian formulae are also established for the geometrically nonlinear problems. Numerical results with solutions, which are solved by some other recent element models and the models in the commercial finite element software ABAQUS, are presented. They show that the proposed element, denoted as GMST18, exhibits excellent and better performance for the analysis of thin-think plates and shells in both linear and geometrically nonlinear problems.
    Structural Engineering & Mechanics 01/2003; 15(1). · 0.80 Impact Factor
  • Journal Européen des Urgences 12/2007; 20(1):32-36.